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allen's darling
Allen's Sweetheart
Allen's Wifey
A Mother’s Stuff
An Apple a Day
A Simple Life
A Snapshot A Day
A Stellar Life
Bestfriend’s Blog
Better Blogging for Bloggers
Big Eyed Gal
Blogging Everywhere
Buzzy Bee Wife
Byaheng Pinay
Cat Napper
changing lanes
Choc Mint Girl
Clumsy Mommy
Cooking Momster
coolingstar9 can do it
Dog Lover
Earthly Explorations
e-ChatHost - Web & Product Reviews and More!
Empty Complexity
eParenting University
Eternal Flux
Filipino Life Abroad
Filipina Love stories
Gagiers Amazing World
Growing Happiness
Home Office Snapshots
Host Blog Postie
In The Life Of..."Mně"
It's my party (and I'll cry if I want to...)
JDBelle's Insight
Juliana's Site
lakbayera trips
lakbayera veggie-eats
Life Has Alot To Offer
Life and Me
Life in the Fast Lane
LIFE is like a box of chocolate
Life is Mysterious
Life is a roller coaster!
Lofty Quest
Loving Living and Laughing
Magical Milestone
Magic & Moments at Dragonfly Cottage
Mel in a Nutshell
Memories of Time that I Treasure
Mom Knows Everything
Mommy Joy Of Two
Mommy's Little Corner
moms...check nyo
My Happiness Haven
My Journey in Life
My Sassy Mind
My Simple but Adorned Life
My Blogging Journey
My daily life experiences
my legacy to my children
My Planet Purple
Muzikista Com
Naturally Nivi
Nicotine's World of Fun
Nihal's Diary
Nishas world and baby Alisha
one corner of my life
On The Take
Our Life in a Day
Parenting Tips at NeenMachine
Paul, Toni & Lance--Bridging The Distance
Philippine history,Culture and traditions
Pinay dot US
pinaysinglemomlooking for a loving husband
Pinaymama's Diary
Pregnancy and parenting
princess vien..
Rantings of a Woman
Rojoy's Daily Update
Rojoy’s Kitchen
sAi YinG Diary
Sari-Saring Kulay
space oF ma minD
Stories of my life
Supah Mama Wanna Be
Sorrounded By Everything In This World
The Banner Avenue
The Creativity in Me
The Life Of An Outback Pinay
This is what I called "MY LIFE"
Tips and Tricks to Effective Parenting
Value Bookshop’s Reading Notes
Write N' Post
What's going on
Work at Home Mom Revolution
0007 Undercover TAGMEMEAWARD CAT

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